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I’m currently unemployed as well as uninsured. My monthly prescription costs are more than $400 per month. Last week I printed a card thinking that there were some strings attached. I was surprised when my pharmacy accepted the card and my total was only $107. I’m a believer!
D. Tebbs
Lincoln, NE

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My mother came across your site by chance and got a card. I was shocked when we actually received substantial savings. Thanks TeamRX.
M. Chellet
San Antonio, TX

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You guys saved me big time. I can’t figure out what you get from saving ME money, but whatever your motivation, keep it coming….
P. Lopez
Las Vegas, NV

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I’ve been using the card for my prescriptions for a couple of months and love it. My 15 year old Irish Setter has been on a pretty hefty prescription regimen for almost a year. Team RX saved me about 27% on my dog’s medication once I wised up and printed the pet card for her. I wish I had thought of it when I printed mine.

C. Lutz
Anchorage, AK

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Yesterday we picked up a prescription and it was $530.00 retail. Instead we paid $26.50 with TeamRX. Thank you, that’s an incredible 95% discount!
Bob D.
Tallahassee, FL
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I just used this card last week. My insurance didn’t cover my $250 Renova face cream but this card did and the price dropped down to $153.
K.L. Johnson
Queens, NY
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This card is great and the discounts are huge! I wish I had this a year ago after my surgery.
B.J. Wilson
Toledo, OH
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My prescription was a great price at $91 because I had been paying over $250 at my local pharmacy.
M.L. Weatherly
Raleigh, NC
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I was actually amazed and very pleased! It save me more using your card than when using my insurance.
June P.
Pelion, SC
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I’ve used it now on at least 4 different medications and it’s wonderful to get a huge discount with medicines being so expensive.
Yorktown, VA
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Your prescription discount card really does save a lot of money, I appreciate it very much!
D. Philip
Thermal, CA
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